Some thoughts on flux

Below is a picture of the ECP5 we tried to have placed on rev A of Titan by a local CM. Recently during normal handling, it just fell off of the board. This could be good news if the balls are in good shape.

ECP5 from Titan rev A 14-20 A-E

So much flux! But the balls look to be intact.

Unfortunately it is a little hard to tell at present. While pondering if I should try to get a better look by cleaning the flux I ran across this discussion.

It was interesting to observe the two different layers of solder flux. Here is a picture after the initial cleaning.

After 1st cleaning - sample 2

After carefully scalding my fingers in some mild detergent, we get a better look.

After final cleaning

Ultra close up

This ball appears to be the only one that actually soldered.

Only one that seemed to solder - Ball A3

So, it looks like we have a pretty good shot at using this part on another board.

Stay tuned for updates.




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